Friday, November 30, 2007

I say Jeeves, who is that at the door?

I get some strange visitors to this website, troubled chaps who seem to feel that the world is at odds with them. For them I provide some tips that I was given a while ago and they have served me well.

1) Get a decent pair of brogues, then another.

2) Waistcoats should be sausage-skin tight.

3) If in doubt, wear a button-hole flower.

If you were wondering what sort of chaps pop in, here is a list of the recent searches that have caused fellows to amble across this website. I had to remove a couple because they were naughty, and I've not included duplicates - 'I'm not gay' was a very popular search.

gay swimwear
gay trousers
welsh guards
everyone thinks im gay
im not gay
gay when im drink
gay jungle
bene gesserit
i'm not gay i've never been gay
naughty bee
Gordon Ramsey Gay
green is a gay colour
herbert johnson helmet pith
I'm 16 and gay
lilac shirt guys gay
Drinking from the horn
I'm not much of a man by day
people think i'm gay but I'm not
massive drinking horn
"gordon ramsey" gay
how do i know if I'm gay
everyone thinks im gay but im not
strip billiards
gay pizza
gordon ramsey gay
im not gay .........
everybody thinks i'm gay
i know i'm not gay!
i don't know if i'm gay or not
codpiece biker gay

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