Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's not all bad

The date for the memorial has been set, and I'm going to make a speech. I've not decided what it is going to be in it yet, but it is going to be funny. My dad was hilarious and it's going to mention motorbikes.

It is also going have no mention of that woman, perhaps only vague comments of a 'poor choices in later life'.

Anyway because I was thinking about that I had some dreams about my dad. I always do when it comes up as a subject. In the dream when he knew the end was close, there was no woman to stop me from visiting and I rushed to see him. We spent 24 hours doing a crash course in motorcycle maintenance and other fartherly advice and then at the end he said he had to go.

The last thing I saw of him was he was riding off across a field. That was a nice final weekend, I wish it could have been like that.

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Clair said...

Now that WAS nice. Whenever I dream about my dad these days, he's always ill and I find that really upsetting. I like the idea of your dad driving off into the distance like Steve McQueen. Could you involve some visuals at the memorial, like your dad at school on his bike? Crowd-pleaser, for sure.

Himmler, eh. You couldn't make it up.