Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Quantum Party Effect

There was a party last night, for a vodka being launched or re-launched or something. I managed to get an invite for T.P. so she could join me after she had been to a charity bash earlier in the evening.

I got at about nine, settled down with my friends in clear view of the bar (it's a tiny place) and set about drinking a lot of free booze. There was a selection of complimentary cocktails and after a brief chat with the PR girl she brought over a few extra bottles of vodka for us to drink and 'understand the brand direction' or something like that.

As I was waiting for TP to appear I checked my phone every fifteen minutes or so as well as constantly scanning the room. This bar was so small that from our position in the corner we could see almost everywhere so I was sure when she arrived I would quickly spot her.

There was no sign of T.P. and she didn't reply to my text messages until at 11:20ish I got an answering machine message saying 'I was here, got the t-shirt, couldn't find you, gone home' I tried to call her back but she wouldn't answer so I bimbled off home to find a very angry girlfriend.

She said she was at the bar for an hour and a half but couldn't see me even though she looked and that she had spent a load of money on drinks. This is the bit that confuses me, the bar is small (only a dash larger than our flat) so it would take an effort not to find me (or my friends who know her and were also looking out for her) and there were countless free cocktails to take everywhere. I didn't know it was even possible to buy booze on the night.

The only logical solution is that she must have stepped through some time vortex or parallel universe where I wasn't in the same bar.

What ever strange quantum effect occurred she is very angry at me and I don't know if even Sam Beckett could fix it, Ziggy isn't providing any clues.

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