Monday, November 26, 2007

I bring you a gift from the gods, cake

There are some things in life that are important because they are the corner stones of civilisation. Speech is pretty critical as it lets you say to other people

'what-ho, lets work together and build a spiffing palisade to jolly well protect us from the other tribes and woolly mammoths'.

I mean, even though bridge specifically forbids talking to team mates it would be a nightmare to get a decent group together for a bash if you could only gesture.

Let us not forget fire, it cooks meat, warms the body, toast crumpets, changes metals so you can make them into spears and coat hangers and makes ovens work. Prometheus was punished for bringing fire to the people by having his liver eaten out every day by eagles. While this punishment was interestingly inventive it does seem a bit harsh.

Anyway, none of that compares to the momentous occasion that happened this weekend. This weekend, I taught T.P. to make cakes. Oh yes, the world will never be quite the same again now that she can make her own Cinnamon cakes.

At first I was fearful of giving her this powerful secret but after at least seconds of careful thought I realised although it can be a dangerous power she is mature enough to make her own decisions, and cakes.

We won't speak of the first batch of cakes, although the may appear as villians at some later date. Terrorising the local population with their malformed shapes and weird texture.

The second cakes were amazing, marvellous, splendid, spiffing, top banana and more. They were so good in fact that 'a mouse' ate some of mine when I saved them to have with coffee in the morning.

What a pesky mouse, although it does have very good taste.


Clair said...

Louche, I feel you must be the most perfect man on the planet.

Louche said...

*doffs cap*