Thursday, November 24, 2005

Musicals and Richard Branson's loo

Oh golly gosh today has been busy.

First off I spent about 2 hours talking about 'what your favourite musical says about you' and when you should break in to song in public. I think provided your dance routine is good enough almost anywhere. Opinion was divided on this hotly contested issue. The debate had to be put on hold because I had a meeting to go to, not my normal sort of meeting (i.e. take a pretty girl out for coffee and talk about Vivian Westwood) but an actual business meeting it was dull, so I drew pictures of otters riding motorcycles on a bit of paper

Thankfully I have my priorities right in that I have put aside some time for monging on the interweb. As an added benefit this involves arranging a date with a lovely girl I met at a gig, we are going to go ice-skating. Going ice-skating is an important part of romantic comedies so I am rather looking forward to this, I shall have to start selecting the sound track right now.

A chum has sent me pictures of Richard Bransons downstairs loo for some reason I am still not entirely sure why, it took me ages to guess who it was - I couldn't believe someone that successful would have such awful wallpaper. I mean honestly, it is not like he couldn't hire someone to provide some advice. Still he has a beard, so his style is clearly in question.

Sadly I am sporting a bit of a facial growth at the moment too, Jeeves would definitely not approve of such an aberration on my face. Still it is jolly cold and it will be going to the big face in the sky later this evening before I go to a party.

I thought I would combine the stubble with a rugby shirt to make me look a touch more macho but it appears to have had the opposite affect as someone has already said I look like a lovely gay bear.

It is going to be a very gay day.

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