Monday, November 14, 2005

Back in London.

I am back from home now, I spent most of the time eating, looking at geese and spending quality time with 'the fam'

In some ways it was a journey of self discovery, taking time out from my life and thinking about the world, here are my collected thoughts.

Geese are better than ducks.

Man can live on cake alone, provided you have at least two helpings of fruit cake a day.

I don't suit a beard.

I am back in London now, it is cold so I am wearing a cravat. I think I am going to go flat hunting as it is time to move on, I think somewhere in Hampstead or Regents Park would be nice as they seem to have the highest percentage of woman I fancy walking about.

Gayest thing I did all week: Had a bake-off with my little brother and then spent an afternoon talking about the colour pallet of the high-street winter collections.

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