Saturday, November 19, 2005

A gay time was had by all.

I have had very much enough of other people's sex lives. I don't want to go back tomorrow but I must. Today I learned that hangovers and Erotica do no mix, and that I don't actually like the sort of people that go to Erotica. The other people on the stands are very pleasant but the people going, no. They all want to do the sex and that is WRONG.

The last couple of days have been very gay for me.

On Saturday night was a big industry do with all sorts of people getting drunk, we went for a meal first and everyone went out about how gay I was (and ate food of course). I said that as long as I have a well tied cravat and a good fourstroke chainsaw the rest is window dressing, this went down well but they still thought I was gay.

Then we went to this bar and I met some industry people, one girl said she would write me a reference as boyfriend material which I thought was nice, she has just made a porny film and was going on about arty it was. I really do wonder what it will be like.

Will people be humping each other in front of a nice Rubins while something moving by Greig plays in the background? Do winkies and art mix? Do you think somewhere in the art world some girl is going on about how she has done a good drawing and it is really porny?

Then a not-a-girlfriend of a work mate turned up with a friend. The friend seemed rather jolly she thought I was gay for a bit, decided I wasn't and then got furious because I didn't try and kiss her so stormed out of the bar. It all happened so fast I am still not entirely sure what I did wrong.

I have seen so many droopy nipples in the last few days, droopy nipples and men in chaps. Still the girls we have working our stand are enjoyably kooky and provide much entertainment through their jibber-jabbing.

In other news an awfully nice girl I met at the gig and I exchanged the briefest of email conversations before my Erotica experience began. She is awfully nice and I would like to ask her out on a date, a nice PG date with nothing even remotely rude happening and her not thinking I am gay.

That is what I would like, well that and another of my precious mangos to ripen. Maybe if I go and look for a while they will ripen more.

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