Thursday, November 17, 2005

Badger lust

I spent most of the day today at Erotica, it wasn't planned but it happened. Much like a ginger child, I have some regrets but what is done is done.

Erotica is strange, by attending you find out that lost of ugly people have sex too, very loud showy sex. I could do with out this information. The event also has a very special atmosphere, it is dirty, just by going you feel dirty. It is like the feeling you get just after you have had sex with a badger, a road killed badger, up the bum, in front of your local vicar. Or so I imagine.

Sullied is what I am, if I was in 17th century France my reputation would be ruined and I would have no choice but to move the colonies.

And this is only day one of four.

Today I saw 6 winkies belonging to other people and 7 sets of nipples of old people. I have no desire to see either of them.

I met some Thai lady boys, one of whom, from behind looked exactly like an ex of mine, which was a little strange but also hot.

No not really.

Well a little bit maybe.

We have some girls working with us at Erotica and and they are fun, I spent a large part of the event drinking vodka with them and talking about dogs.

Tomorrow I am going to wear velvet and we are going to have a picnic.

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