Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Last night...

Last night I stopped a crime (which would make a good opening line to a punk song) some little chap was getting accosted by some other chaps for his wallet phone etc, I shouted at them and they got back on their bicycles and cycled off. It's a shame it wasn't a pretty girl being accosted, not that I want more pretty girls to be accosted but then I could save them and they could swoon into my arms or something.

When I was in Scotchland there was a period of a couple of months when I kept saving lives, people would spaz out on the street right in front of me or I would find someone choaking on their own vomit. That was jolly exciting but none of them were hot girls either, still I did get to stick my fingers down a tramps throat so it has it's own rewards I suppose.

I saw a band too (in a club), the singer was very jumpy and good. Then another band came on and they were a bit lame, still there a was a good bit in the pause between the songs where some person at the back of the room said really loudly

'...But they lead singer does look like Freddy Kruger...'

He did in a way, Freddy during his indy period.

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