Monday, October 02, 2006

A muffin, the rain and books.

I went for a coffee with the work-mate who is having an affair today, it was a bit strange. I think the coffee shop I picked as a little far away so we had to make an awful lot of polite conversation while walking before we could get to the meat of the matter, as it were.

Her hands were shaking as she finally spilled. Her boyfriend and her have been together for about 10 years, and this 'thing' has been going on for about a year, as far as she is concerned it is nothing serious, and she says it makes her feel a bit sparkly when she is feeling glum. Yet again the world isn't black and white, it's shades of gray. Also, I'm hardly in a position to lecture about work affairs.

As we left the coffee shop I had to get some extra things to take my spend up to the minimum of £10 so I waltzed out with a couple of very nice looking muffins. A asked what was in the muffin bag, and I said it was a treat for good girls. I felt a bit guilty for instigating a low-key flirt with her but then I just don't worry about stuff like that anymore that is the nice thing about nearly falling off a mountain.

If you have a near death experience you get to start again, that is in the rules. So I can do things like this occasionally, if I please. Anyway, I left work early as I had to go and see the therapist and got completely and utterly soaked in the rain. It was great, just like something out of a film and the fact I was listening to the soundtrack to Amelie definitely added to experience.

I felt like this was the start of a new beginning for me, everything when so bad for me almost exactly a year ago so there is asymmetryy to it being sorted out now. I saw the therapist briefly, I got sent away early for being fixed. All the malarkey with my dad and other things is sorted out now, so that is nice.

Oh and I've got a meeting next week with a commissioning editor to talk about book ideas, so yeah not a bad start to things.


Anonymous said...

Book ideas.... oooo exciting!!
I read your little article... I got to the bit about sugary tea and then thought it must have been you, hahahaha!

Glad it's coming together for you honey!


Louche said...

Glad you liked the article.

I can't see your blog by the way, I don't have permission.

Anonymous said...

do you have a google acount?
if/when you do email your address to me and i'll give you permission...

Louche said...

I've got a google account, I think. I'll see if I still have your email address at work and we can co-ordinate from there.