Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Memories and too much wine

Yesterday I visited my old flat, I had to go there as a favour to a friend and sort out some computer things. It was nice returning there and as I walked through the streets I remembered all sorts of adventures with girls. The strange bar I ended up in with A, the pub I first met C in, where I used to meet G from the bus. The bench on which I shared my first kiss with B.

Yes, I've been out with quite a few letters of the alphabet, the filthy minxes.

After sorting out the computer thing which took hardly any time at all (the most complicated part was moving a huge painting to get at the phone socket) we went out for food and got very drunk.

So I did no writing last night, no writing this morning and I'm typing this with one finger, slowly, so it's not too nosy.

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