Thursday, October 26, 2006


Well I had lunch with the ex, who also happens to be an ex porn star. She has drifted and out of my life a couple of times. While she is a nice girl, if some what troubled (all porn stars are troubled) she is very flakey so she was a nightmare to arrange dates with. I remember her onces saying she thought she had ME, but it was really just that she was stoned the entire time.

We had food, she brought her lovely little dog along (a Tibetan Spaniel called Tibs) who spent the whole of lunch charming the pub. He is a lovely. Anyway, we chatted and it was a bit strange, last night while in a state of some intoxication we kissed. It was foolish but it happened and afterwards I suggested lunch.

I don't think I really do want to get back together with her, even though she looked fabulous today. I think friends is a better place to be, there is just too much history there.

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