Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A drive in wardrobe

I need space, lots of space for my suit collection. It's getting rather silly now but I suppose that is it. Even a walk in wardrobe wouldn't be large enough to store it all so I am going to have to convert a garage into, what I think is probably a world first, a drive in wardrobe.

I can't imagine I'll often drive in to get a suit but the option is there should I need it. I've still got lots more unpacking to do, today I unpacked the books and put them in the bookcases around the house, there is one in every room so it was quite easy to get them to be reabsorbed into the collective.

I think that's probably the limit of the unpacking I can do for a bit, there is no-where to unpack too and so it's a bit more tricky. This isn't ideal as I'm starting to get a little bit worried about my cravats, they are going to need a lot of TLC when I finally dig the out again.

Perhaps I can revolutionise cravat storage next? I mean, I can't just stop after inventing the drive in wardrobe.

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