Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sorting things out

I still haven't packed, which is almost traditional now. We don't set off till this afternoon so I have loads of time to pick socks and decide how to look dashing and yet English on the streets of France, Italy and Switzerland.

I have to go into work again anyway, to pick up my bank cards. Banks can be awful sometimes and my one has been so bad. It's taken 11 phone calls and 3 weeks to get something delivered that should have been replaced instantly so that I didn't have to do a moment without my card. Anyway, it should be sorted out now.

In other sorted out news, I'm giving A the broach I got a million years ago for her. With no strings attached. I just want to get rid off it so I'm handing it over. She asked me yesterday if I was still angry with her, because I don't give her as much attention these days. I said no; I'm not, it's water under the bridge now.

She said she wanted things to return how they were before. I didn't have the heart to explain they aren't going to ever be exactly the way they were before, that wasn't just mates. That was something else, something that is not coming back any time soon.

Anyway, I'm off to travel across Europe so hopefully things will sort themselves out when they return. Hopefully I'll meet some exciting Italian on my travels and have a thrilling affair, some of my work-mates think it will be a man for some reason.

Well it's not, it's going to be a lady. Considering the Interwebs managed to get me a raise, next I'd like it to make an interesting new woman appear into my life please.


Kopaylopa said...

Maybe it's gonna be a lady who used to be a man? *smirk*

Bon Voyage!!!


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Have a fantastic adventure and may you meet an enchanting girl and have a wonderful whirlwind romance, or maybe longer :)


tlsd said...

But... you are so NOT gay.

I hope your trip is full of wonderful surprises and jolly good fun... and of course a lovely lady.


Louche said...

Kopaylope - The women are so pretty in Italy I could forgive them almost anything; even big hands and a winky.

Tea - I have fallen in love with Italy, and that is enough for me.

Malcolm - I'm not sure I should be the one handing out any sort of advice. What do you want to know?

Tlsd - Oh yes, it was very surprising.