Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Becoming more of a grown up.

Well things have ended in a way. After a really busy day at work I cycled home on my newly fixed bike and decided to set about the rest of my life (this week has been a week jolly well ‘doing it’) and sort it out. I emailed my father for the first time in four months and then proceed to call A, and finally tell her how unpleasant my time in Ibiza was because of the way she acted.

She got very defensive and angry, but I think I would in that situation. I made things rather worse than they were by not telling her sooner about how I felt about the holiday. She did admit the first night was a bit weird, and that she had been a poor hostess, and then told me off for my rather frosty behaviour since we have returned.

It wasn’t that pleasant but then things like this never are, and if you leave something for this long it just makes it worse. That is probably what I have learned from all of this. I made a point of ending on a high note, in that the reason I was doing this is I needed to clear the air because I do like her. And that I’m learning about how to do things like this because she inspires me to be a better person.

After careful consultation from the Ice Queen, who was very impressed by me making the call, let alone making sure I ended on a positive and didn’t get shouty.
She thinks this will be a changing point in it all, it could make it work it could be the final nail. I’m braced for the worst; I have been since the weekend when I had a long chat with the lesbians.

At least now I should be able to get a decent nights sleep, anyone for cocktails?


tlsd said...

*applauds* well done Louche... you are indeed a star!

Hats off to the ice queen huraghh... any chance she could get a training centre going or something.

Kopaylopa said...

I really don't believe there's any such thing as 'being a grown up'. We all just bumble on through trying to do our best.

Oh, and yes please!


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Congrats and yes please, I`ll have one too.