Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dead flowers

Today was strange, not nasty or weird just a bit strange.

I made a point of not being frosty or anything really, A made a point of letting me know she had been talking to people about my behaviour.

I got a lot of work done, which was good and I was really focused on it for probably the first time in months. Gosh I got a lot done; I may run out of things to do at this rate.

On return home I engaged in a jolly good spider hunt. My flatmate spotted a huge one last night and he has a proper problem with them. I can’t say I adore them either. So in the name of spider relocation we cleared the area where it was last seen.

We managed to make each other jump while trying to clear out around old bag which looked exactly like the sort of place a very vicious spider might lurk in before jumping on someone’s face and biting them to death. This was a false alarm and after much cleaning and moving we now have a very clean and orderly front room but no spider.

I also cleaned up the now very dead plant I brought when things with A started to get a bit heated. I read somewhere that if you can keep a plant alive for a year you should get a pet, and if you can keep that alive for a year you are ready for a proper relationship.

Evidently I’m not there yet, or at least I’ve given up on something that was not to be.

As a side note, I’ve nearly got these slightly mournful emails out of my system so the usual fun and frolics will follow soon.


tlsd said...

She has been talking to people about your behaviour??

Well its good to know you're working her out of your system.

And that kiss is a lovely story in the novel that is Louche's Life... of course there are many, many more wonderful story's yet to come!

Kopaylopa said...

Unless you plan on getting a gerbil, a pet isn't really 'for a year' you know...


tlsd said...

unless its a goldfish... or a stick insect...

Louche said...

Oh you don't bin the plant/pet after a year it'a test you silly billies.

One which I need to retake. I need a sexy tutor.