Thursday, July 27, 2006

This one is mostly about girls.

I've always been a sucker for subtle displays of affection. I can remember the first girl I had a proper grown up relationship with. We were going to see a live band in a pub on a warm summers evening and she reached back to take my hand as we walked through the crowds. It wasn't expected but that made it more pleasant if anything.

Other girls have done nice things for me, but that one has stuck out and I don't really know why.

Things are going well with A. She came over for supper on Tuesday and we had a very pleasant albeit rather hot evening. It was quality time and it just worked. Yesterday in the office I was showing her how do something dull yet mildly important and her hand snaked out and stroked my leg. I do enjoy being caught off guard like that.

Last night I had another female friend come over. It was pleasant enough but she had designs on me which made me rather uncomfortable; so I had to send her away at 9. I think I am only going to have 'other girls' over to the flat in pairs from now on. It makes them less likely to do the ol' stretch and yawn.


tlsd said...

... you're just a sex machine aren't you?!! Go on give us a chorus of sex bomb whilst doing a provocative hip swivel...


fagpunk said...

good plan.. keep em in pairs! lol