Monday, July 03, 2006

Sunday, day of events, plus a bit of Monday.

I wasn't picked up for the party until midday so I spent the morning sorting out various bits and bobs and spending time with my little brother. Just after lunch time the boyfriend of A's friend picked me up in his jeep-thing and we drove to meet them talking about what he did for a living.

We met up with A and her chum at the super market as they were getting extensive supplies for the barbecue, most of which were liquid, and various other bits and bobs. Then we foiled ourselves into the back of the jeep-thing and drove over to the parents house. The road was very bumpy and it was a good job A and were good friends.

The house was lovely, and in a corner it had one of those giant paddling pools that is almost a swimming pool. After quick hellos we all got changed into our swimming gear and piled in. The water was cool, and A and I had some time alone before everyone else appeared. So we used the time the best way we knew how, by kissing some more. We stopped as we heard other people come down the path, I thought at this point our pro-affair was still undercover. A assured me that her friend had twigged eons ago. Clearly I am not the spy I thought I was.

We had more cocktails, I had home-made sangria for the first time which is now my favourite summer drink. After a few more rounds of cocktails we went back to the house so the serious business of barbecuing could begin. The weather was perfect and the dogs, two lovely cross breeds caused Jake and Molly provided a great deal of entertainment as they gambled around begging for crisps and attention.

The supper was lovely and full of laughter again. There is something very special about a family that eats and laughs together. The whole weekend was bathed in family happiness. Shortly after supper A and I went for another dip in the pool. No-one else was brave enough to face it as the warmth of the day had faded a bit. It afforded us some time alone and we kissed some more.

I've always had a thing about forward women, women who know what they want and A did not disappoint at all. After a while, and before things could get too heated the rest of the guests strolled down to the garden and had cocktails with us.

The sun wasn't as powerful at this point and I quickly got rather cold so A and I went to have showers and to change into dry clothes. We ended up sharing a shower which lead on to some things happening that probably wasn't terribly wise but it was awfully nice.

After that we rejoined the party to play card games and I had a brandy while playing with the cat. The effects of all the booze finally caught up with A so she went to bed in quite a stop our, and I joined her, we fell asleep in each others arms with bird song outside.

At 5 the dogs woke us up, they were barking at something outside. I should mention at this point, that earlier on I phoned work to say I had missed the last train and to warn them I would be coming in on Monday late. I've never bunked off anything in my life, so I felt devilishly naughty.

A and I made love again, and tried to get a bit more sleep before the alarm went off. I didn't get that much but I was in an uncommonly good mood. A girl will have that effect on a chap.

We were driven to the train station and it really felt like the end of an adventure. A had said that what happened in Devon would have to stay in Devon. She wasn't ready for a relationship and she didn't want what happened to get into the way of work, I agreed with her so we had our last proper kiss at the train station just before we boarded. The train was packed so we ended up sitting on the floor. A fell asleep in my arms while I read a very silly book about serial killers. When we got the train station in London we said our goodbyes as friends as if it had all never happened.

It' s a strange situation, but I have had a perfect weekend so what ever happens I will always have that. I'm not even that stressed anymore, I was worried that my feelings were unrequited with A and now I know that's not true. I have a vague idea of how things may go on from now, or at least how I would like them to progress but it's not such a major thing now.

Don't get me wrong, I still very much care for A, and I know I want to be with her but if I have to wait now for a while then that isn't a bad thing, I can worry about other stuff If I feel the urge to stress.

Time for a goodly sleep now, for who knows what swift gifts the morrow bring with it?

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