Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chuckgate (continued)

I had thought Chuckgate was over, another sad moment in a life that will in time be turned into an amusing anecdote, but I was wrong.

The moving on process had begun, I ditched a load of stuff, cleared out my phone and then I updated my Facebooks status, well actually I was fiddling with it to see about blocking people, like Chuck so that they don't see what I'm up to. In hindsight I should have just de-friended her but I thought the privacy settings would be enough. I was wrong.

I updated my status to being single, which I thought was, well to be expected really and she sent me a frantic email at work about it asking what was going on. She sounded really hurt, and again I'm baffled. If someone does everything they can to push you away, why should they expect you to stick around? If the answer is 'because they are women' well, I'm joining the gays.

Aside from that not much else to report, I've become an almost full time gym bunny but since I go to deal with stress I think you can draw a fairly simple conclusion from my daily visits there to exhaust myself.

It's weird though, since I've stopped fighting for Chuck's attentions I'm happier than I've been in months. It was weirdly stressful in the latter stages because I never knew where I stood with her. Oh bum, now I need to go to the gym again.


Kopaylopa said...

The facebook relationship status thing is terrible and causes all sorts of strife. I suggest disabling it until you are married five years.


Anonymous said...

It's not just "women" -- I could tell some tales. With men in them.

It's more about "types of people"