Thursday, July 09, 2009

Healing cakes

I have been put in an untenable situation. Chuck wants me to fight for her forgiveness, and yet if anything I think she should be fighting for my forgiveness. It's as if the person I fell in love with is gone.

The person treating me like this is someone else, that's the only way I can explain what is happening. It's a sorry state of affairs indeed.

Anyway, I've had enough - I said I'd decide by Friday and I've made a choice, ooh, three hours early. That's it. FIN.

Tomorrow should be interesting, I'm going down to Heat magazine to talk to them about the Interspaz. One of the chaps in the London office has decided I'm good at the Interspaz and so now he is using me to get other people excited about the Interspaz, or something.

Post chat I'll zip across London (bikes are good for that) to meet up with a TV chap to expand on a couple of ideas for shows I've had. One of them is bound to land one day. Then I'll zip back across London (see previous comment about bikes) and off to Devon to recharge my mental batteries, they've taken quite a kicking over the last few days and so I need to regenerate.

I also need to eat some cakes, proper Devon cakes.

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Kopaylopa said...

What's a Devon cake?