Thursday, April 27, 2006

The ultimate gold card.

Well it appears the boyfriend will be present on Sunday which rather takes the edge off the proceedings, still I'm sure it will be an entertaining trip.

I haven't quite worked out the intentions of A are, she occasionally sends me very rude emails at work for no reason than she is bored and often brings up the subject of sex when we are at lunch and when we walk along the road our bodies end up touching far more than is usual, and yet, she does have a boyfriend.

Anyway back to last night. I went out with any old friend who is very entertaining. She took me to help review a restaurant and then a couple of bars. This is always a good thing as a free meal never goes down badly and the places always give you impeccable service on the fear of getting a bad review.

We talked about all sorts of rubbish, she is currently seeing a new chap who sounds very nice and she provided sage advice on my 'family situation' and of course the issue of A.

It was awfully pleasant evening but one thought that stood out was that I realised that my friend's name is worth money. Just mentioning it at the bar or club got us instantly wooshed into the V.I.P. and then all the drinks were free, I can't think of a gold card that would get you the same level of service.

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