Monday, April 10, 2006

6AMs I have known.

I have had to come into work super early for some special stuff today, I slightly over estimated how long it would take me to sort out some computery stuff so I am at work at a loose end.

The walk in was quite pleasant, sadly the graveyard was closed so I couldn't have my usual ponder about life, death and Edwardian architecture on the way in so I started thinking of the 6ams I have known, I think it is quite a lonely time of day even if you are with people. Anyway here follows a list of notable 6ams, in no particular order.

1)6am at Glastonbury.
I went on the spur of the moment and blagged my way in. The reason I went is some Scottish friends called to say they had a spare ticket, they had neglected to bring a mobile so when I arrived I couldn't make contact with them. So I spent my first day there completely alone. I had packed the following
A spare Hawaiian shirt.
3 apples
Half a bottle of mead.
so I wasn't terribly prepared still it was a strangely magical experience.

2)6am in Scotland.
A friend was driving me to the airport to fly to Dallas to visit some people I didn't actually know. I had brought the tickets in a drunken haze and I couldn't cancel them. It was freezing cold, and I was slightly worried that when I arrived if something went wrong I had no way of contacting people I knew. It worked out fine and I had a great weekend

3)6am in Derby.
It was at a special festival type event that a friend runs, traditionally we get extremely drunk in a special white tent some friends own. It is a Nordic style circular affair and we make special cocktails and talk rubbish. I can remember stepping outside to go to the loos and seeing a sea of tents and hearing roars of laughter behind me. These festivals are great because you get to know so many people who go, if you are not careful it can take hours to leave with all the goodbyes you have to say.

4)6am in Chelsea
It was the second date with She-who-stole-my-heart, I had met her best friend in the whole world and she approved. She ended up coming back to my flat for some silly reason and we kissed in my kitchen, my knees went a bit shaky when that happened (I have never been so chemically attracted to a girl before, or since) Then we went back to my bedroom.
Things were starting to get rude but I rather held back, she was considerably more drunk than I. I think this ultimately ruined things, by turning her down I moved into 'friends' territory. I walked her to get a cab and she held my hand while whispering how well I had done that evening. We saw each other since but it became one of those strange on-off things that never quite happened.

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