Saturday, April 22, 2006

Passing notes.

I took my new assistant (henceforth known as 'A') to a meeting today. It was a presentation by someone who does work for us about some online bits and bobs, as you can imagine it was a but dull. The people setting up the presentation had really put in an awful lot of effort with their branded goods. On our table were branded pads, pens, tea and sweets all in a sickly green.

As the meeting progressed I started to lose interest in it all, the speaker had a very monotone voice and liked to repeat things a lot. So I decided to write a note to A on my pad, this quickly progressed to a rather silly conversation which I thought I would share.

Louche - 'I bet I can eat more sweets than you'

*A & Louch both take sweets from the bowl*

A - 'Ha ha, I'm winning'

A - 'I'm the sweet queen'

Louche - 'It's not over yet, bitch'

A - 'You are going down'

Louche - 'I feel sick'

The game stopped her briefly as I had to ask some insightful questions to cover the fact that we were both shuddering with the effort of not laughing.

A - 'You smell of wee and poo'

Louche - 'Only because I hang around with you'

Louch - 'Louche RULEZ OK, A SUCKS!'

The meeting stopped then, which is probably a good thing as A was going bright red. Then we went to the local wine bar for a post meeting drink.

I never thought I would say this but meetings can be quite good fun.


Kopaylopa said...

Have you had any of those meetings where they make you watch videos about how to lift things correctly in the office environment? I almost peed myself.

Louche said...

Not yet, I work for slightly the wrong sort of company to have a meeting like that, but I do live in hope.

Hope is a very powerful thing.

Kopaylopa said...

Oh, I work on a computer all day, I didn't think it was really appropriate to us either, but the part about 'things that could be a trip hazard', now that was funny.

tlsd said...

Wasn't there a bit in the video about the dangers of peeing yourself in meetings?