Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's an office affair

I think I would like to have an affair with A, she is smashing. We get on awfully well in a flirty way, and I feel a bit strange when she talks to other boys. Could I be having a real grown up emotion? Am I becoming a real boy?

Difficulties that have to be overcome, before an affair can begin.

1) Her boyfriend, Nick

2) I don't do work affairs after the incidents surrounding my student newpaper days.

For now I think the current arrangement is one to preserve, we go out for drinks often have great lunches and laugh an awful lot. She has invited me back to her home town for Sunday night to meet a load of her friends which should be very jolly.

I'm going to have to start thinking about what to wear, after all I'm going to meet her friends and her mother. That's a tricky sock choice at the best of times.

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