Friday, April 21, 2006

Girls and Boys

During a moment of idle thought I was drawn to thinking about a girl I once knew called Harriet. She was lovely, pretty, funny, intelligent, perfect. Every man who met her fell in love with her but moments later. She wasn't interested in any of them because she longed after this other chap.

He was rubbish, he treated her terribly, was dull and wasn't even good looking. I just couldn't see the appeal (Harriet wasn't amused when I mentioned this), what is it about some girls who are drawn to men with no redeeming features? Most girls if they are really being honest admit to not being interested in men who have no money at all, but if this man has a criminal record or treats them like shit suddenly that is deeply compelling.

Girls are WEIRD.

My new assistant was talking about her boyfriend, she said he was very 'nice' when describing him. I thought it was a bit of a strange choice of adjective, but its good to see some girls at least going out with the nice chaps.

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