Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The option of booze.

I think my poor little mind has been a little fried after the last few days because it's not used to going quite so fast around corners or away from traffic lights. The cause of all this frantic stimulation will be returned by the end of this week and I'll return to relative normality, I hope at least. I shall miss it though.

Anyway, on to other matters, specifically women. I have been going on a lot of dates, more are lined up. Although I always feel a bit guilty going dates with a range of different people at the same time. Nothing has been said to make it exclusive or anything like that but it still feels weird. Needs must and all that, and so I've been covering thousands of miles all over the country to see a range of women. That makes it sound like I've been house viewing, which I suppose is close.

This riding around gives me lots of time to think, I mean apart from when I'm going 'bloody hell I can't believe I can go around a corner that fast' and so I've thought back on other dates. Booze has been a key point of these days, so it's been weird to not have booze as an option when meeting people. Not unpleasant, just different.

It's amazing how many adventures have started with 'lets get another round of cocktails' or 'I've heard the rosé is excellent here'

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