Sunday, October 11, 2009

Date two - Are girls the cure?

We had a second date. It was good, we both laughed, the events were spur of the moment and engaging and yet, something wasn't quite there. It might have just been that I was knackered, or perhaps, and this is more troubling. I'm so used to being mashed when fist connecting with someone that it feels weird to not break the ice with a cocktail or two.

I've not become sober or anything, it's just that riding down means no boozes for me. I don't know about this one, which isn't to say things are bad. On paper she is excellent, which sounds damning and that's not right either. She is spiffing, I think that I'm just feeling a bit weird at the moment and a girl isn't the cure if that makes sense.

Would this mean I will be messing things up with a terribly nice girl just because I'm not right in the head? I don't know. I'd hate to do that again.

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