Sunday, October 11, 2009

French cake 1 - Blues 0.

I've been feeling a bit blue for the last few weeks. I wasn't sure why, but I just didn't feel tip top. Today it all changed, and I think a part of it was due to going to the gym again for the first time in weeks.

It was a rather sweaty gym visit, the air conditioning was broken. Luckily I had the gym to myself so no-one had to witness me on the cross trainer for the first time in weeks. I pushed myself moderately hard but I didn't go mad. It was enough to let me feel marvellous for an entire morning of management training (v. David Bret, but also useful).

When the management training was over I jumped onto the bike and powered down to London. I managed to cover 2 hours worth of distance in 1 hour and fifteen minutes. I've now covered about 600 miles on the dream bike and I really get it now. It was fine before, and I enjoyed it but now I understand it. I was absolutely scything through traffic on the way into London. I was even a bit sad when I finally arrived at my destination.

I dropped the bike off at the car park, scamped up to my old work to say a hullo and catch up on things. This was a bit of a mixed experience because while it was lovely it did remind me of everything I missed about working in Soho.

At about 3ish I had arranged to meet up with the date. This was a new girl, I'd not met her before so it was quite exciting waiting for her to appear. She has just arrived in London so we strolled around and I showed her a few secret restaurants and other useful things. After our feet were tired we stopped for tea and French cakes in Soho.

With the cakes out of the way we said our goodbyes and parted and I hopped back into the bike and caught rush hour all the way home. This was perfect for me as it allowed me to play some more on the bike. It's weird how much fun heavy traffic is when you are on two wheels rather than four.

The ride home started off fairly sensible and then went a bit mad. I'm home now and I'm still tingling and feeling, well a bit fighty. A good ride does that to a chap.

What a brilliant day.

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