Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dating on painkillers

I'm off to Cambridge today. I've got a first date with a Policewoman, yes the date-fest is on-going. I always find that first dates are the most exciting, it's the high-stakes date, and I suppose they are a bit like job interviews. Both people are assessing the other one for suitability and previous experience.

I'm still fairly crippled but I think I can do this. Yes it's stiff upper lip time. Think of England and all that.

I went to see the Doctor yesterday and got a five minute assessment (yes you are lucky, eat more painkillers, give it time) and a twenty five minute lecture on the dangers of motorcycles.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur, frantic working, and then a train home. Getting the train is lame but it does give me more time to read lovely books from the Woo. Right, I have to go and select some socks for my date.

What colour best says 'while my views may often seem conservative I'm actually a liberal and the increased powers given to the police service trouble me' in a sexy way?

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