Monday, October 05, 2009

The madness of Chuck

Today was long and slow. This is because I had almost no sleep (my fault). Silly Louche. So I had to slog through the day just trying to hold it together until I could get home and go to bed. I need to pick out my look for tomorrow, but that shouldn't take long.

Chuck emailed me today to apologise for 'nearly banging your door down'. So not just a load of text messages but also smashing on the door. Lawks, that's borderline frightening.

The upshot of this is that I'm going to shave off the Elvis style sideburns, they are just too potent. I'm not ready for this level of responsibility.

P.S. Why do some women act like this? I mean she really 'had me' for a while and then she very thoroughly smashed me to pieces. I've moved on and now she wants attention?


Anonymous said...

Jeez, Elvis. I'd say you dodged a bullet there. Think how embarrassing it would have been if she'd been chucking her undergarments at you onstage...

Best shave and go back to your alter ego as charming, witty, leather jacket wearing, motorcycle-riding...

wait a minute.... that won't do any good at all....

(and I do thank you for the "some women" qualifier. duly noted.)

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