Friday, February 10, 2006

No-one can resist the mighty power of cooking

So B came around, I cooked her lamb with rosemary and sweet potatoes which went down very well and I have enough lamb to last me for a week. I like cooking for people, I am going to have to make it my mission to do it a bit more this year, maybe even host a party or two.

While the masterpiece was cooking we drank lots of red wine and danced to jazz. Then she played dressing up in my clothes for a bit and I learnt that my shoes look disturbing on her. Some more red wine was drunk and we talked about more nonsense. She also admired my two most fabulous ties and was impressed by my cravats, the lady knows how to make a man feel good.

All in all a very good day, I made us coffee in the morning, proper coffee so I am positively tingling with caffeine.

Tonight she is going to cook for me at her house, I'm going to go to East London and everything which will be a real adventure.

Girls are ace.

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