Tuesday, February 07, 2006


B is going to stay the night on Thursday, what fun eh? It would be Wednesday night but both of us have commitments to other things which we can't get out of. I like having girls sleeping over, men tend to make my room smell bad and don't look anywhere near as interesting when they are striding around in their pants.

I went for a lunch meeting today which mostly involved eating lots of dim-sum and talking about how to not be a professional, it went very well. I like not being that professional and if an important business thing means I have to take pretty girls out for ice-cream and then cocktails well I am prepared to go the distance. That is what capitalism is about.

On a slightly less chirpy note I have a bit of a temperature, it's probably just man flu but I don't want to have my schedule messed up by something like this. I have appointments to keep, sweating is not a good look and a nightmare to co-ordinate with.

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