Monday, February 08, 2010

Rowing to ruin

The car is gone. Hurrah. I spent a whole evening trying to find the keys but I couldn't. I also never managed to get hold of the document to prove I owned it. Even worse, I also didn't manage to be around when the scrap man turned up.

So that means a car disappeared, a car that I had absolutely no proof I owned. Just gone. All they had was my mobile phone number. This opens up all sorts of opportunities for revenge towards bad people with cars.

I don't really know anyone with a car who I want to get revenge on that badly but it's something to consider for the future.

In gym news I began the rowing challenge. 2000m in the shortest time ever. I managed 7.15 in my second attempt, which if I were a woman, would put me at the level of representing Great Britain.

I've got to knock another minute off that time if I want to get even close to where the Olympic chaps are but I think for my second attempt at doing it ever, it was a very respectable time. I have awful rowing technique, so there is definite room for improvement there.

Last night I watched 'The Age of Stupid' a film about climate change, it was cheesy and slightly hackneyed in parts but it scared me witless so I suppose it had the desired effect. It's a film about climate change, made up from documentary footage taken today. This doesn't sound terribly gripping but it gets across the point that a dystopian future isn't science fiction.

It made me very glad I don't own a car.

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