Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gym member of the month

Yes I finally did it. I am gym member of the month. I was 5 days clear of my nearest competitor, the LOSER*

I think this is another sign that I'm turning into a gym bunny. Anyway seeing I was member of the month I decided to do a post-week off work out. It was a hardcore one because after a week of not working out I had loads of energy. Also since I was member of the month I had to show the lesser mortals in the gym how things were done.

To add to the fun the air conditioning was broken.

And so I worked out so hard that I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening feeling really quite sick. So sick that I had to give myself a bit of a talking to. I was about to fall asleep but I'd promised a girl that I'd call her to arrange a second date. The talking to worked and so that was sorted out *phew*.

Morale of the story, when you are starting to flag at the end of the work out stop and think 'okay time to calm down' instead of thinking 'FEEL THE BURN COME ON YOU CAN DO ANOTHER TWENTY MINUTES'. Or put another way, I am a spaz.

I went to the gym again today but took it easy (for me) and instead feel rather marvellous this evening. A big improvement I feel.

I'm going to celebrate by not eating brown rice. Good times.

*who probably has a social life.


Clair said...

I am now officially worried about you. I gave up after 300m on the rowing machine yesterday and am officially a wet, though I am now using Boy's Machines at the gym.But as soon as I feel a twinge,I stop. But do post a pic of the t-shirt, won't you?

Louche said...

Worried? I'm super fit? Although I do have lunches so depressingly healthy that sometimes I can't be bothered to finish them.

I'll get the shirt in about two weeks time, I think. I'm not sure of when my 100th visit will be.

Good stuff on the rowing machine, it's hardcore innit?

Clair said...

But you shouldn't feel ill afterwards, surely?

I can't do the rowing machine, I've decided. I am sticking to the girly cross trainer and the difficult and strange weights machines with Dean, my trainer who looks like Rickmansworth's Barak Obama.