Saturday, December 09, 2006

Strange times, and Amy.

I just spoke to my flatmate, he was in the Millenium Bar with Alexander Livtienko so he has spent the last week talking to the Health Protection Agency to see if he needs to be tested for radiation poisoning. He has all sorts of exciting letters assuring him that he isn't going to die.

He can remember bumping in to a very rude Russian chap in the bar but was rather busy enjoying his food rather than looking out for spy related activity in pubs.

Speaking of pubs, last night I saw Amy Winehouse, she was in Camden with us. Sadly I didn't talk to her, she was surrounded by a wall of people with bad hair and I was with friends so I couldn't really abandon them. But I have seen her in the flesh at least, she is tiny and rather gorgeous. Which is exactly the opposite of what I expected.

The poor lamb must have had a bit of a cold and a dicky stomach as she had the sniffles and was in an out of the loo all evening. I'm sure she will be be about some more, hopefully feeling a bit better.

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Anonymous said...

"sniffing" mixed with "in and out of the loo all evening"... funny, that made me think of something else entirely.....