Sunday, December 31, 2006

Crimble, billiards and letting go.

Christmas was ace, I ate more than my fair share, wallowed around in front of roaring fires and got a lovely new scarf. Get in.

I'm currently writing this from Norwich, I was invited up to spend New Year's Eve with a girl. She has the most beautiful flat in the world, it's a converted mill and outside my window is canal. Some people I know are horribly together. We've spent most of the weekend lounging around and then shopping. It's a jolly good combination.

Last night we drank four bottles of champagne and then ended up playing strip billiards. I won. Sadly just at the point when things nearly got decidedly interesting the girl started talking about her ex who she isn't over yet, it was two and a half years ago that it ended.

Girls are rubbish sometimes, I mean can't a chap enjoy a wholesome game of strip billiards with out the girl getting all melancholy? It's enough to turn a chap gay.

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