Sunday, August 09, 2009

Two steaks is more than enough for any man.

My younger brother was supposed to be visiting this weekend but a complete transport breakdown caused it to get cancelled at the last minute. This is sad as I was looking forward to him coming over to see my new place.

It's a shame, but ultimately it's probably a good thing. In a few weeks I'll have a fridge and a cooker and other things to make the house a bit more habitable and ready for guests. I don't even have a bed for myself yet, let alone for guests. Still even with that view it's a shame my brother wasn't here for the weekend.

I got the news that he wasn't going to appear after I'd returned from a big shop to get things to eat while he was here, since I don't have a fridge I had no choice but to eat it. Two large steaks later and I was feeling a bit strange.

This wasn't enough of a weird feeling to stop me going to a friends engagement party. I zoomed over on the bike getting lost about a dozen times, I have yet to perfect the art of checking the route on the Iphone and then actually remembering it. Hopefully it will come in time.

The party was good, low key and polite rather than a drunken mess, which surprised me but I suppose people have to grow up eventually. I stayed on the soft drinks and then rode back. The ride was excellent, it was dark, I chose a route that was all wiggly roads. Including a bit through a forest that was a bit magical and I had music playing so for an hour or so I was completely in the moment.

Absolutely no thinking about girls or any of that nonsense just concentrating on getting the next corner absolutely right. It was almost a shame to arrive home, but I did and went to sleep with radio 4 quietly whispering in the background.

I've got no real plans for today. It's weird, I've completely reverted to my single life style again. Vast empty weekends punctuated by the occasional visit to see chums or ride just for fun. It's not a bad lot really.

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