Sunday, August 02, 2009

New place

I'm in. It is good. The decoration is a bit Spartan, because, well I don't own that much furniture. Still It makes the cottage look nice and large.

I've brought some blinds, so I have a measure of privacy which is nice and I think once I have a fridge and a cooker I'll feel very moved in indeed. Not having a fridge is okay, you just stay away from dairy things a bit more, the lack of cooker is a bit more annoying. It's a Sunday, I'm reading the papers while listening to radio 4 and the only thing missing from this scene is a large chunk of meat slowly roasting in the oven.

Well there are a few more things missing, like a table, but that's not the point. I've got a bit of an easy day planned today, I'm going to go and buy some pipes so that I can plug in the washing machine and perhaps one of those draining board things. It's amazing how many little things you need to make a house work.

It's all rather fun getting them together though. I wouldn't say I'm exactly house proud but I am strangely pleased with my 'duck egg blue' blinds in my bedroom, or actually 'the master bedroom' to be exact.

That's another weird thing about living on your own. Your stuff can go anywhere. I'll never have to have the sort of conversation where someone, usually a girl says:

'Do we really want the sofa to go there?'

Someone at work has already tried to move in with me, but I said no. I said it politely of course, but he is a bit of a berk and I moved here to have a place on my own.

It's a bit strange at first, I've always lived with other people and I've always been the lodger, or at least the flatmate who has been there the least amount of time. This means that you don't have dominion over the telly and you have to ask first if you want to have chums over for port.

I never felt like I could really relax, where as now I can. This is my space. Roar

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bree said...

i am doing this whole 'live on ownsome' thing myself, sir louche, come mid-september and shall raise a toast to you as i sit in my sparsely furnished sitting room in a less-spacious one-bed flat than your great mansion.