Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reporting, Disappointing men and rice.

I'm working on a proper grown-up feature now. It has no humour in it, or even attempts at humour and so I suppose I could at least suggest that I'm being a journalist, albeit one who spends most of his time in his pants frowning at a computer screen. I have to track down and interview a tricky subset of society and they are proving hard to find, I thought I had enough of them to write about but then one was black-listed by the editor and another one pulled out with vague excuses at the last moment.

Actually he did more than that, he said no and then tried to kiss my girlfriend. I wasn't there when this happened but T.P. told me about it. How low can some people go? They will lead another chap on about an interview and then try and kiss a woman that they know is unavailable? I should point out that this person is a friend of T.P. and so they met for drinks after work to catch up with some things.

Men are such scum sometimes, especially bankers. Chap has been put on the naughty list, which is bad place to be. Oh yes, a BAD PLACE. Nearly as bad as eating rice for every meal.

I seem to be living off rice these days, I've invoiced out a small fortune in the last couple of weeks but since everything is at least on 30 days it takes forever to get the cash. I hate this 30 days rubbish, I can't get away with it at the pub so why should they?

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