Friday, October 19, 2007

On the range

I learnt to be a cowboy today, it was lovely.

There are some very important parts of being a cowboy that you need to get the look right before you can even get on a horse. The first of these is your wardrobe, anything less than a 1 inch heel on at least a faintly ridiculous boot is just wrong, next is the trousers. Jeans are where it is at, in a classic blue. I favour a flared boot-cut leg but it's down to personal taste.

Shirts can be a tricky one, I don't have anything with tassels but an extremely rugged shooting shirt that is made of some sort of cloth-iron hybrid completed the look.

Once you have your look sorted you need to start thinking about your swagger, and relaxed pose. Western Riding is about slouching in the saddle looking as bored as possible, sort of like the Fonzie in chaps. You also need to think about a 1000 yard stare, because you never know when you will spot a marauding wolf or cattle rustlers.

When you have mastered this you can think about additional affections, some people like to chew gum, tobacco or even a blade of grass but it's really up to personal taste.

With the tricky stuff like that out of the way the messing around on horses part is easy.

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