Monday, October 08, 2007

Looking back

Last Friday, flush with picking up contract, I decided to meet up with my old work chums in the local for a drink or two. I thought it would be like it used to be, how wrong I was.

It was weird, what I used to adore had changed and now it was just some women, drunk, smoking a lot (I had to have a second shower when I got home to get rid of the smell) and being strange. I think it was because I turned up later when they were all blissfully drunk, but part of it was because of the new girl.

The new sub-editor is a dominatrix, and she was a nightmare. I don't normally get on with domintrixes (dominatrixi?) because they expect men to do what they say but this one was extra awful. She tried to get me to lick beer off her fingers, I said 'I would prefer not' to which she called me weak and a chicken. As I'm not Marti McFly, it didn't work.

So she tried to get me to do her bidding a second time and I said my girlfriend was scarier than her so I would have to decline. She made a go away hand-waving motion to me, but as she was trashed she smacked me in the face.

I left a bit after that, I hate dominatrixes.

Oh and the ex-TLI was there (the girl who had consumed me this time last year) and well she looked fragile and slightly mental. Oh how your opinion of someone changes when you are not looking at them properly.


Clair said...

Dommes are fine in the dungeon with men who like being treated like that. In pub company, ones like her are just rude tossers. You should bring a tank next time and run her over with it.

SemiKim said...

NEW SUB-EDITOR? Fucking hell. What do they expect?