Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well it feels like Autumn has landed, there is a pleasant chill to the air which means it's time to dig out coats and hats and gloves and other pleasantly furry things.

The nice thing about this sort of weather is that a stroll can sort out almost anything. Stuck on something insightful to write about Blackjack? Go for a bimble. If you need to think of something inventive to say about property? Take a walk, or even if something else in your life seems to be going into complete meltdown and you just can't understand why? Get your shoes on and go and buy a pint of milk in the other side of town.

When things get confusing and tricky, kicking some oak leaves around Hyde Park might just be the only thing that helps.


rach said...

Not enough people use the word 'bimble' - keep up the good work!

Louche said...

*Doffs cap*

*bimbles off into sunset*

Piqued said...

Kicking leaves does help, sir, as does the horse.

Btw, did you sort the bike out ?

Louche said...

Operation Rescue bikes is still in pre-planning

I got given two bikes in the end, the custom build and another semi-custom job based on an aged Villers engine with a really grumpy gear box.