Friday, November 03, 2006


What a day. A and I went to a work thing in Kent. This involved a fairly long train journey, she fell asleep I did some work on my computer. The work thing was very dull but it was one of those occasions where you have to go and at the very end there were some interesting bits, mostly we passed the time doing drawings on the complimentary note pads.

After that we got the train back, she fell asleep on my shoulder, I did some more work. We went up to West Hampstead so I could drop my laptop home (I didn’t really want to be dragging it around with me at the party later) while I was wombling home she was sent to the shops on West End Lane to have a look at what they could offer.

I dropped off my computer, and various goodies from the trip and then marched out again. We met in the restaurant had spotted when I first moved to the area as one she would like, and took a lovely table by the window so we could see the people of Hampstead going by.

It was a very pleasant meal, she chose a good white which complimented the mushrooms well and we talked about relationships and things. She has been seeing a few different people since we stopped, I’ve been mostly turning down girls because they aren’t as much fun. Then we agreed that the Sunday when she came over and I cooked her artichokes was a most perfect day.

She had spotted a dress in the shops that she loved and it was in the sale so that was mentioned a few times, with a plan to walk past the shop on the way to the party. So after the meal, and probably a bottle too many of the wine we strolled down to the tube towards the party.

The shop was still open so she danced in and tried on the dress, it was stunning, and like the style of dress I had remarked earlier that she should get. So she got it and we ran on to the tube. When we arrived at the party (fashionably late of course) it hadn’t opened so we went to a nearby bar and had a drink to kill time. This descended in a shot drinking session where I discovered that silver Aftershock is very nasty, but the black stuff is okay. We were considerably drunk by this point and there was some kissing on the cheeks going on – A on mine, it was a bit over the top involving tongues I didn’t really know what to make of it.

We went to the party, it was in a huge house just off Regent’s Park that had been cleared out and sort of turned into a venue. The place was rammed with men and we managed to shoulder our way to the bar to get some booze. Stopping for a dance and I said hello to a few people I knew.

There was a small amount of dancing, a bit of drinking and then A decided she needed to go so I walked her to the tube. On the way we got into a discussion that got rather heated about things. I had the view that what we had for a while was brilliant and I thought it was silly to give up on it. Her view was well hard to understand. She is still beating herself up over the old chap and things.

It was at that moment when I finally got what my female friends had been warning me about, A is always going to be trouble. She is always going to be high maintenance and flighty and she has some real issues she needs to deal with.

I’m just tired of it all now, I’m not going to hang around on the off chance she finally does sort herself out.

Think of it as a new start, or at least closure.

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