Monday, March 27, 2006

You've gotta pick a pocket or two......

I am poor. While I normally go on about poor week what this usually means is I can't book any holidays or buy anything electronic. Poor Week has taken on an entirely new meaning now. I am ruined, destitute, gone.

What makes it more annoying is that the route of this was generosity. I went to a co-workers joint birthday party not because I liked him much but because if I hadn't gone he wouldn't have had a single friend there. After a while I brought a round of drinks, as one is expected to do. This round cost four times what I thought it would and it has completely thrown out my budgeting for the month. Before I went to this party I was actually doing rather well and I would have had money to spare. I might have wondered up to Bond Street and finally picked up that smoking hat I have been thinking about, or maybe some new gloves for spring.

This has resulted in me being poor, I have eaten all the pasta and I have half a cup full of rice left and that is about it. I wasn't even this poor in my student days. What is the world coming to?

I have the flu at the moment so really I should be eating chocolate biscuits while lounging on the sofa not making dough so I have some bread (I have run out of flour now), it's just wrong.

People always go on about how you shouldn't knock things until you have tried them. Well I have tried being poor and it is shit.


Kopaylopa said...

Did you watch that 'F Word' where the guys pick through rubbish to find perfectly good food? I know you'd get your velvet dirty, but still.

Louche said...

I managed to find some last-minute cash reserves in a old smoking jacket and got some food, so thankfully I won't have to ruin any velvet hunting for food.

It has been a very educational experience, but I don't think I will be doing this again.