Friday, March 10, 2006

Rage, Lingerie and Threes.

I have been rather angry of late, I know this is a side effect of the whole situation with my father and although my rage makes me strong like a well groomed hulk it does have some bad side effects. The main being that my rage transfers like a vicious cold on to other people who I shouldn't be angry at. I nearly beat my computer to death with a hammer when it was being naughty and I have actually considered breaking up with B over completely stupid things just because I have this vast untapped well of anger.

Identifying the problem is the first step to the solution to that so I have developed a few ways of avoiding any issues arising from the problem. To stop myself breaking up with B over something stupid I have taken to buying her lingerie, I hate having presents around for girls I spit up with so I refuse to break up with her until she has the latest gift. This is like a prime directive or something, and as since on average the packages take 3-5 days to arrive I can cover a month with a fairly small outlay on frilly things which are rather nice to have around the house anyway. See Monogamy through lingerie, it is the future.

I have taken to compiling incidental lists of top three things, I like the way they have an almost haiku like simplicity.

Top three hairy side kicks
3)Nick Frost

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