Monday, March 06, 2006


I had a quiet one, Saturday was spent in a very messy room playing war-themed computer games in my pants. Then I went (a bit reluctantly I might add) to a house party with B, It was a party hosted by one of her friends and was populated by a mixture of smug couples, a couple of lone stag males and a token visiting American or two. They talked about couply things for a while so I hid in the kitchen with B and drank booze. Then the hostess instigated the box game which was hilarious and that was a masterful centrepiece to the whole event.

B has an American friend over so we both talked about being at parties where you don't know anyone while drinking lots of vodka and ginger. I had Guinness and wine and I can confirm that they should not be mixed, EVER. B kept trying to have relationship chats with me at in-opportune moments (half way through the box game) which was a bit off as I was trying to get drunk.

I think we are both a bit confused about the situation, being both established singletons in a relationship is a bit weird. And both of us have recently had people coming out of the closet about hidden passions for us in the last few days (it must be something to do with spring) which doesn't help.

On Sunday I left B and her American pal so they could go and explore Camden and made my way home via Tottenham Court road so I could pick up some computer bits that I needed. When did finally get home the computer bits were being VERY naughty and refused to work, I realised I needed some more parts to help them work which wasn't going to happen at 6pm on a Sunday. Argh.

Why do I buy these components when they fill with such rage?

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