Monday, March 20, 2006

Lots of girls, some trousers and a bit with fish.

Well I am newly single, I broke up with B as I wasn't enjoying it and well I thought that sort of thing was supposed to be about fun.

I went drinking on Friday with a selection of vague chums. Vague as in I know some of them and the rest I only see through a haze of alcohol. We got very drunk on watermelon martinis and I discovered that White Russians go very well with popcorn. I left after a bit because I was suitably ruined and while the girl who kept rubbing my leg was very pleasant I didn't really feel like doing anything rude with anyone, this is an unusual thing for me.

In the chip-shop on the way home another lady said I had a nice coat and invited me to a house party. I didn't go but it was nice to be asked. Plus I had just got chips so I wanted to spend some quality time with them.

On Saturday I visited rellies to 'talk' as per instructions, they have a lovely house - It made me want to get on the property ladder. I ate smoked fish and cheese and then walked home thinking about things to do with parents. I don't mind having 'talks' as long as I get smoked fish.

In the evening I met up with a work person because they were having birthday drinks in a bar near my flat. This 'popping out for a pint' turned into an epic drinking session where I spent far, far too much money. I have gone from surprisingly wealthy for this time in the month to almost becoming a street walker in the space of one night.

Another girl wanted me to go home with her (A flatmate of the work-person's girlfriend) but I turned her down for the same reasons as before, and a someone (I still don't know who) pinched my bum in the club. What is the world coming to? I'd like to think that the girl who pinched my bum was one of the leggy brunettes striding around but it was probably the sweaty bald chap stood behind me.

Sunday involved a morning ride to Hyde park I did some more exploring and saw the Albert Memorial which is very impressive. I really like Hyde Park but all the most exciting parts are not for cycles so you have to break the rules to get to them. Good job I'm a rebel eh?

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