Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Late night calls to pencil skirts

I stayed up very late last night. Pencil skirt had sent me a book and after I'd finished it we discussed it on the telephone. I don't talk on the telephone for long usually, on my bills I typically use about four or five minutes a month and that is it. I spoke to Pencil skirt for two hours about the book, films and relationships.

She is so spellbindingly engaging. It's slightly infuriating that any date I go on will be measured against her and all of them so far have been found wanting. I know it's not healthy to moon after someone you can't have, but it would be a lot easier to cease mooning if we didn't get on so well.

I think part of the attraction is that she is London in female form, endlessly interesting, complicated and currently completely beyond my reach.

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