Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brown rice

Brown rice isn't very inspirational is it? Perhaps it will grow on me but I struggle to imagine a time when I think 'oh larks, I can't wait to get home and have a steaming bowl of brown rice'.

Maybe it will come, I couldn't have previously imagined a world where I not only went to the gym every day but one where I was in line for member of the month. It's basically an award for turning up a lot but I'm in the lead so that's something. For someone who previously thought getting out of breath was a bit vulgar I'm turning into an unlikely gym bunny.

So plans for tonight? Well I shall cook some brown rice for lunch tomorrow. Try and do a bit of writing and then go to bed early with some Japanese homework. Not such a terrible evening, but it's the format of every evening of 2010 so far. Perhaps I'm just getting all the dull stuff out of the way so I can begin a life of wonder and joy for the rest of the year.


Kopaylopa said...

I hate brown rice, but when on a health kick and making the decision I should try to eat more, I tend to mix it with white to cut the flavor with something slightly more palatable.

But I'm sure true gym bunnies don't do that. :)


Louche said...

I like the use of the phrase 'cut' with reference to rice, it makes it sound like drugs.

Clair said...

I LOVE brown rice. But I hate the gym.

Louche said...

Clair - Why do you hate the gym?