Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is it wrong to date a racist?

I went on a date, and the girl made some, well some troubling remarks. Not full on racism just a bit of mild racism. Perhaps they were just ill thought out. The rest of the date was a bit dull, no sparkle, no adventures but not horrible either.

So why would I see her again? You may ask. Well she is local so there wouldn't be a 200 mile round-trip to see her. Slightly more importantly I was set up by a chum at work and she has rather made it her mission to get us together.

Is it really so boring up here that I'd put up with dating racists because it would give me something to do?


Clair said...

Yes. Next!

BPP said...

In your sidebar you ask, when faced with trouble, what would Flashman do? Well, when faced with a racist female he'd:

1. Not give a tuppenny fuck because he's as racist as they come.
2. Thrash her, fuck her and then sell her to a slave trader.
3. Run away.

So ... fancy behaving like old Flashy?

Amanda Castleman said...

One of my mates – a Croyden grammar-schooler run through Oxford – wound up dating a Northern girl generally acknowledged as prejudiced and also a "thick bird".

They've been married six years now. She grew more liberal, sophisticated and adventurous. He bought footie shirts, traded writing for an X-box and started making mildly racist comments.

Having witnessed this, I'm with BPP's option #3. Run. RUN!

Also, politics aside, any energy that starts out "not horrible" is bound nowhere good...